Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ikea Insanity

Ikea insanity. I think that says it all. 
Here is my haul from yesterday's Ikea trip:

After a couple of hours of putting together the table and the red storage unit, here is my office nook so far:

It's a work in progress, I still need to paint the shelves I bought white, hang those up and finish accessorizing. 

It is unfortunate that my husband doesn't share my "artistic vision." He hates everything about the whole office nook. He thinks the lamp and the chair don't "match." Technically, he's right. But it's supposed to be a mix of modern and old. I hope when he sees the finished product, he starts to trust my artistic vision a little more!

Next project - Paint, hang and accessorize shelves and sew pillows for the couch.

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  1. I am totally jealous of your IKEA goods! The nearest IKEA to me is over 4 hours away, so it's not very often that I get to go. Love how your 'nook' is coming together so far! That desk is awesomeness!