Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Hunt for a Home of Our Own: Installment #1

Crazy as it sounds, we actually put an offer in on the first house we went to see. It was pretty much everything we were looking for. It was a two family, but with the feel of a single family. It was built in 1900 and had front porches and character. 

I could see us living there, and it would have been a smart investment for the future. But clearly, since we are still on the prowl for a house, it didn't work out. There was a cash offer from an investor, and they took that instead of our offer. *sigh*

So it's back in the saddle again. I just got home from a showing with our buyers agent, who also happens to be my brother in law.  Since Mr. Kate Moriah is worked to the bone at UPS, he is not available for showings (or for anything) during the week, so brother in law/realtor Adam and I went without him.

The listing describes the house we went to see today as a "diamond in the rough." They weren't lying. It has AMAZING potential, but needs so much work. I am left with more questions than answers. How much house is too much house (2500 square feet)? How much of a nightmare is all of this work going to be?

And most importantly... do I really want to knowingly purchase a home with a collapsed pool which is home to "several frogs, a snapping turtle, & garter snakes"?????

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