Saturday, February 18, 2012

Subway Sign ART

I've been coveting subway sign art for months now, ever since I started seeing pictures like this during my daily Internet design drooling sessions:

And this:

But with prices like the ones above at $650, all I could do was covet and drool and dream. But then I remembered, hey, I can be an ARTIST too and so began the first baby step on my journey from crafty to artist.

So, I followed the directions on and made this:

I am obsessed and can't stop staring at it. Here it is in its new home by the front door:

It cost under $10, and I was able to customize it to show the Boston MBTA D line, which was what we always took when I lived a few blocks from the Longwood stop in Brookline. 

The best part? I kind of, just a little bit, am feeling like I am a little bit more than "just crafty."

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  1. This looks great Kate! Yay! Thank you so much of sharing this with me! I'm glad you like it so much too. Way to go!